wish you happy




让我看看 你的照片
究竟为什么 你消失不见
多数时间 你在那边
会不会疲倦 你思念着谁

让我去到你身边 难一些
又清楚地浮现 你的脸

有些时候 我也疲倦
停止了思念 却不肯松懈
就算世界 挡在我前面
猖狂地说 别再奢侈浪费

我多想找到你 轻捧你的脸
我会张开我双手 抚摸你的背
请让我拥有你 逝去的时间
在你流泪之前 保管你的泪

及格 完成 度过 到达 get through
迁离 get out
收获 get in
单复同形 deer fish
捎信 send word
上岗 mount guard
启航 set sail
推迟判决 delay sentence
换挡 change gear
改变方向 change course
前进 make way
抛锚 cast anchor
效果良好 with good results
华尔街 Wall street
并肩 side by side
在白天 by day
从头 from beginning
恐惧 in fear
在手头 on hand
抓住 take hold of
当……用  do...

It has been ten years since i was a teacher.

Understanding human nature is the best part of education

We bring nothing into the world

No one is born an actor

You can't blend in when you born to stand out

When given the choice between being right or being kind
Choose kind

Good beginnings make good endings

Good minds think alike

抢先获得的新闻 利润 scoop
过程 in the process of
百战百胜 defeat it by a hundred games to zero
试一试 take the chance
出访 go out on a story

on加名词与come go 等动词连用 表目的

屈服于压力 submit to the pressure
学习了十课 cover ten lessons
支付费用 cover ones costs
不屑一顾 turn ones nose up at
洗耳恭听 be ear
听不进去 turn a deaf ear to
这个行业的诀窍 a trick of the trade...

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