wish you happy

及格 完成 度过 到达 get through
迁离 get out
收获 get in
单复同形 deer fish
捎信 send word
上岗 mount guard
启航 set sail
推迟判决 delay sentence
换挡 change gear
改变方向 change course
前进 make way
抛锚 cast anchor
效果良好 with good results
华尔街 Wall street
并肩 side by side
在白天 by day
从头 from beginning
恐惧 in fear
在手头 on hand
抓住 take hold of
当……用  do duty for   function as
反对 take exception to
电闪雷鸣 the lightning flashed and thunder crashed
忙于 从事 engage in
望速归 believe you should return soonest
同意 Proposal accepted
废话 rotten thing to say
对不起 beg ones pardon
依靠 指望 count on


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