wish you happy

奄奄一息 be dying
快熟了 is ripening
非常 dreadfully
声带 the vocal chords
寒流 a cold wave
参军 join the army
打退堂鼓 back out
补牙 have a tooth filled
突围 break the enemy encirclement
旋转 turn round
站了起来 raise to ones feet
奔赴前线 make its way to the front
把餐具摆好 lay the table
英雄辈出 heros are coming forward in multitudes
歌剧团 opera troupe
篮球赛 the basketball match
煮茶 make the tea
粗暴对待 be harsh with
帮助 assist sb in doing sth   help sb with sth
为了做 so as to do
满足要求 meet ones demand


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